FirstLookTV offers crisis communications. Our team includes journalists who have worked for BBC news, ITV News, Watchdog, The Sunday Times, Sunday Mirror, Mail on Sunday. If you need help in managing your message then we can help.
FirstLooktv prides itself on producing innovative content on a range of budgets and has made many hours of factual programmes for a diverse range of clients including the BBC 1,2,3,and 4, Discovery, ITV, Channel 5, UKTV, Crime&Investigation, Sky Living, SkyOne , Biography Channel, and distributed on channels throughout the world.
Public Relations
FirstLookTV provides everything from strategic messaging and media training to public relations advice and crisis communications. We also offer corporate and broadcast production.

Our team includes top class media professionals, from a variety of journalistic and PR backgrounds. This skill base makes our media training, PR advice and corporate filming particularly effective.
FirstLook Live
Firstlooklive make live events successful through a creative mix of passion, effort, energy and focus mixed with our team’s knowledge and experience.

Put simply we do live communications, conferences, awards, launches, event management celebrations. You name it if it is live, we love it.
FirstLooktv concentrates on making high quality, good value television programmes for the global market that are distinct in attitude and tone.
Late Kick Off, a multi camera studio show,
is coming to BBC1 from March 2014,
Monday nights.
  • Evil up Close now broadcasting in over 70 countries.
  • Evil up close - more on the way
  • We love live; tell us what you want and we will make it happen!
  • Segreti, Bugie e Omicidi: I casi Italiani, coming to a channel near you
  • Late Kick off - exciting times ahead.
Broadcast Quality
From BBC narrative comedy to ITV shiney-floor studio, lifestyle to documentary, panel show to live event programming
Avid editing facility
As well as our post-production facilities, firstlooktv is fully equipped in the latest DV production equipment
Preparation is the key
We will help you put a process in place so that you are ready for as many relevant eventualities as possible
UK Coverage
We’re a English Independent Company outside of London that has produced for Britain's major broadcasters
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FirstLookTV is an innovative television production company, with an eclectic approach to programme making. FirstLookTV focuses on making high quality, good value television programmes for the global market that are distinct in attitude and tone.Started by Will Hanrahan and Gill Carter in 1994, FirstLookTV has made many hours of programming for major UK and overseas broadcasters. Ranging from top end factual documentaries, ground breaking entertainment series and live event based programming, FirstLookTV caters for a varied range of worldwide channels. The company is based in Stratford on Avon, with offices in London and many filming partners worldwide.FirstLookLive is a boutique live entertainment company. We produce and promote live shows and events in the UK. We run large, small, serious and funky events, in short, we’re all about entertaining people… and we love live.